Wednesday, February 8

When Fact vs. Fiction

Fact:  I am 46 years old and I actually am OK with that.
Fact:  I do love my husband, with all my heart and all my soul.
Fact:  I have three kids whom I too love completely, but want to strangle occasionally.
Fact:  I am open and honest.
Fact:  I have a LOT of friends.  And a lot of those friendships are very deep.
Fact:  You can ask me anything and I will be truthful.
Fact:  When I commit to something, it is fully.
Fact:  I think I could have had an incredibly difficult adulthood, had I not worked very hard to work through the dysfunction of my childhood.  I could write a book - or produce my own unbelievable reality show.
Fact:  I would do just about anything for anyone.
Fact:  I think I'm pretty funny.  This not known to me until I started using social media and realize I crack myself up.
Fact:  Sometimes things happen in my life that totally suck.
Fact:  Sometimes I probably don't handle those sucky things "properly" but I handle them as best as only I can.
Fact:  For the most part I consider myself very fortunate, and know I am blessed to have all that I do in my life.
Fact:  I thank God for the above fact, every day.
Fact:  I never have and never will consider myself to be any better than anyone else. Need proof? Ask, and I can provide.
Fact:  My life is an open book. Again - just ask.
Fact:  Don't fuck with my kids. You will regret it.
Fact:  I say, shame on me, if I have let anyone fuck with ME.

Fiction:  I am 46 years old....(ok, who am I kidding.  I am.  And I feel it most of the time.)
Fiction:  My marriage is unstable.
Fiction:  My kids are spoiled, rotten brats.  (We work hard to parent the best way WE think.)
Fiction:  I just say shit to say shit.
Fiction:  I don't have any friends, and no one wants anything to do with me because of the way I am.
Fiction:  I just spew shit because I want people to like me.
Fiction:  I get involved in stuff swim related and school related, again, only because I want people to like me.
Fiction:  Life is grand, always has been, always will be.  Nothing bad can touch me, because I am THAT awesome.
Fiction:  I use people.
Fiction:  I use humor to cover up the pain in my life.
Fiction:  Let me remind you - my life is PERFECT.  Oh and so am I.
Fiction:  I just handle things the way I do because I am a bitch.  Plain and simple.  I have no feelings.
Fiction:  I think everything in life is owed me and should be handed to me on a silver platter.
Fiction:  I don't believe in God.
Fiction:  I count all the "things" I have that you don't.... I'm keeping score.
Fiction:  I try to sugar coat my life and my existence so you don't see me for who I really am.
Fiction:  Go ahead.  Walk all over my kids.  I don't care.  I don't notice.
Fiction:  Oh yeah.  Go ahead..... underestimate me.

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Unknown said...

More drama in the desert, Gin? Time for some dessert in the desert?!

Today I pulled over at a gas station and bought 2 candy bars. I took 1 big bite of each one and threw them out the window.
And I didn't even feel bad about littering. It was "them" or me on this one...
Go ahead, get yourself a Milky Way, mama.