Saturday, December 10

It is Saturday

And I really had no reason to get up at 5:30,
but I did.
Which sucks.

So I nosed around Twitter a bit.
Facebook a bit.
Google chatted with a friend.

And remembered I'd taken some photos of the moon last night,
NOT with Instagram, but with my big camera.
(patting myself on the back)

I do not know how to shoot pictures of the moon,
which is exactly why I will not be posting them here.
But I did come across the photos I'd taken at the zoo, back on Thanksgiving weekend.....
before my battery crapped out.
Which again, made me realize, I need to take more photos.
It makes me feel good.

So today I am going to try to feel all warm and fuzzy and find something
to photograph,
all the while I am sure -
feeling like this:

Cheers to the Friggen Weekend.

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