Sunday, December 11

What a beautiful day

spent relaxing
and decorating for Christmas.

I panicked a little when I saw the kids opening the advent calendar door
(not only for the 25 days of the daily intake of candy, but...)
and it said "11".

Which means Christmas is right around the corner
and I am a little behind in everything.

Oh well.
So great to hang out with Meme on her first full day here.
So great to just be calm.

I have a feeling Monday won't be quite as stress-free.

Saturday, December 10

It is Saturday

And I really had no reason to get up at 5:30,
but I did.
Which sucks.

So I nosed around Twitter a bit.
Facebook a bit.
Google chatted with a friend.

And remembered I'd taken some photos of the moon last night,
NOT with Instagram, but with my big camera.
(patting myself on the back)

I do not know how to shoot pictures of the moon,
which is exactly why I will not be posting them here.
But I did come across the photos I'd taken at the zoo, back on Thanksgiving weekend.....
before my battery crapped out.
Which again, made me realize, I need to take more photos.
It makes me feel good.

So today I am going to try to feel all warm and fuzzy and find something
to photograph,
all the while I am sure -
feeling like this:

Cheers to the Friggen Weekend.

Thursday, December 8

Here's where the problem lies...

I am addicted to Instagram.
I no longer tote around my big camera.
And when I think to grab it the battery is dead.
And I forget to charge them.
Because what does it matter because 
I am addicted to Instagram.

I need to change this.


Wednesday, December 7

Good god it's been forever

But here I sit.
My busy world has crashed.
Garrin puked at school today, thankfully while I was helping out.
So the 4000 things I have on my to-do list,
have taken a back seat to caring for my kid.

As I write that I get this weird feeling knowing that my kids are ALL at the ages
now where they pretty much take care of themselves.
Short of the usual crap I do around here to keep the train rolling -
laundry, cooking, cleaning etc
they do what they do.
Until they get sick, that is.

Which I guess leaves me more time to pile things onto my lists.

I don't even know the last time I blogged.
Certainly not for lack of "material".
But all in all, for a lack in time.

My mind is full though.

Last month was the month for thanks.
And as I look back and remember the things I was thankful for
most were good.
Thankful for Bill and the kids.
Great NEW friends.
The unconditional love of OLD friends.
The opportunity to stand by my husband, as he pursues his dream
with his business and watching it grow.
Good health (knock on wood....lemme find some...
hold on.....that's a doozey for me!)
The list goes on...the list of great things in my life.

I have a very bad habit of letting the shit part of my life creep forward
and cloud my thinking.  Overtake the happiness I feel,
and invade my gratitude, turning it to resentment and sadness.
And for this - my heart aches.

So I turn that around by once again, seeing what I do have,
and trying to let go of what I do not.
Life is not perfect.

But hey.
Moving to Arizona sometimes makes me realize I have been given a chance
to make my life as perfect as perfect gets.  And knowing that Bill and I both
have worked so hard to afford our kids the same - makes the heartache lessen,
and makes life worth living!  And thankful that my kids are thriving here.

We all experienced somewhat of a "Life Interrupted" but as we celebrate our
one year anniversary here,
back in the desert where we belong
I know in my heart that
I need to move forward and not look back.

So as December rolls on, I am hoping to get back on here.
Get stuff off my chest.
Make some room for the good stuff.