Monday, October 3

when you just get that feeling....

that it's gonna be a good day.
Something good is gonna happen.
That you are in a good place.

Well that is how yesterday was.
We ended up picking Hannah up from practice and
going directly to the Cardinals/Giants game.

Once she got in the car,
there was this feeling in air.
Kind of indescribable.
But I whispered to Bill if he felt it.
The feeling that we were, all five of us,
in the car, actually going
to do something.
We were not in "drop-off" mode,
which typically we are certainly not all in the
car at the same time.  But running in fifteen
different directions all at once, separately.

It was really wonderful
to listen to the three kids argue all the way there.

So once we got close to the stadium,
we got more and more excited to see the Giants.
Then this guy pulled out in front of us.
I took it as a sign.

That we were going to see a great game.
Which we did.

All 5 of us!

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