Saturday, October 1

It was about time

I actually got over being pissed off and/or sarcastic
about my teenage daughter.

We had a tough week on and off.

But this morning was the second day in a row she got up at 3:50 a.m.
Yesterday - to go to morning practice.
Today - to head to an Invitational meet for High School, down in Tucson.
I've GOT TO cut her some slack sometimes.

Ahh.  Such is the roller-coaster ride called
Parenting A Teen.
Wouldn't trade it for anything just the same.
Makes me stronger, but best of all,
it makes her stronger.
and hopefully NOT the bitch I am.

So she is off with her team.
While it is still dark out,
and the sun hasn't even come up over the mountains yet.

This meet is very important for her.
I hope she makes it all she wants it to be.

Good Luck Hannah!

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