Friday, October 28

how true, how true...

"Human happiness has always its abatements; the brightest sunshine of success
is not without a cloud."  Samuel Johnson

I don't know about you,
but I friggen hate 
I hate the life cannot be perfect.
I hate that shit happens.
I hate that I don't have answers to questions.
I hate that I sometimes hate.
not people.
I hate that I tell my kids not to use the word "hate" because
it is so intense, but it is exactly how I feel about stuff sometimes.

But I love that hate only lasts for a short time for me.
I love that driving though storms, in the literal sense, can totally
put things in your life in perspective.
When you see that yes, indeed -
The brightest sunshine of success is not without a cloud.
You have no choice but to stop and take notice.
Like I did after this last storm.
(Besides the fact that there also was a rainbow
and that in and of itself is pretty inspirational!)

Don't we all struggle at times?

My life is certainly not perfect,
and admitting that a good reality check kinda kick in the ass
is needed sometimes, is just what the doctor ordered.

If I was actually seeing a doctor.....

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