Monday, October 17

Getting my "Mommy" on

The kids are just coming off of school break.
I asked them all at the beginning of break if they had any homework.
Hannah had a video project to work on.
So she got on it last Saturday.  2 of the 3 other girls who were part
of the project, came over the house.  They were all kinda pissed off that the
fourth girl was off doing something else, instead of working on the video.
But they worked their tusshies off ALL DAY on Saturday.
And had a great time doing so.
I'd asked how the missing girl was going to be included,
since she wasn't part of the actual video,
and they figured she could edit it and that would be her contribution.

So fast forward to last night.
Bill, Hannah and I were in the car driving home from dinner,
when Hannah gets a text from one of the girls who was part of the
hard work the week prior.  The missing girl was pissed that she wasn't part
of the project, didn't want part of the "editing", and it was "decided" that they had to re-do it.
Two fucking days before it's due.
(That would be me talking, am I am sure what my daughter was
(which is fine, she can curse all she wants in her head.....)

So I calmly ask Hannah how that is even gonna happen.
It was 7:30 - and realistically there was still time then.
She said they couldn't and it would have to be Monday.

Which for Hannah is completely impossible since her commitment
AND to boot, a HUGE invitational is Tuesday,
and she MUST be at practice.  She CANNOT skip it.
Which is what the "texting" girl DID NOT GET,
even though, she too, is a swimmer.

So the last text pretty much said that they (the OTHER three)
were going to re-do the project without Hannah and that Hannah's
grade would suffer.

I'm sorry,
Not gonna happen.
Which is just about when I FLIPPED MY LID.

Hannah and I proceeded to scream at each other,
out of sheer frustration.
I want to help her through this-
but totally know that it cannot be about "mommy running to the rescue".
Hannah needs to stand up for herself here.
But my protective maternal instincts were on FIRE!
I was ready to drive down to the girls house to "discuss" this
in person.  But today's way is the technological way -
through TEXTING.
Which I think is complete bullshit.
You cannot get your point across unless you confront the situation

So it will be interesting seeing how today plays out at school.
She is feeling less pissed off, and a little more in control this morning,
just as I feel.
(admittedly as I write this my blood pressure is rising.....)

Lesson to my teenage daughter is -
friends can turn on you in an INSTANT.
Let 'em.
Just don't put up with any crap.
Stand up for yourself and for what is right.

The End.

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Jenn said...

And when you cannot stand up for yourself - let the enraged Mom at them : ) That's what we are here for right? Wave to me when you drive by in your bitch-mobile. I'll be the one flying by on the broomstick!