Tuesday, October 4

and a good morning it is

While admittedly I told myself last night when I went to bed
that I would hit the gym this morning AFTER dropping Hannah
at the pool at 4:45 a.m. this morning, and completely talked myself
out of it, without much hesitation, about 2 seconds into getting up -
I still was able to find joy in the wee hours today.

Now I know, not much can match the joy I feel, when going to the gym....
well, possibly, the joy I feel when having a cavity drilled,
or trying to squeeze my fat ass into some of my most favorite jeans,....
THAT is joy, I tell ya...

maybe I should re-visit the idea of the gym at 4:45... or just
continue to go at 9:00 which is way more realistic for me....


this morning,
back on point.

How does that grab you?

Now not much in the sense of good for the body kinda morning,
but certainly a good for the mind and soul kinda morning.

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