Thursday, September 29

what happens in kindergarten

stays in kindergarten......

unless you happen to volunteer.

I got to go into the classroom yesterday.
The local fire department was coming and the kids were going to
get to listen to a fireman talk about his job, and then check out the truck.
Since I have the pleasure of being the co-Room Mom this year,
I offered to go in to take pictures.

The truck was super cool.  And the kids were in awe, being up close and personal with it!
Garrin got in a little social time,
chatting it up with his buddies.
But that didn't last long.
He hooked up with his girl shortly thereafter.

and did NOT let her go.......
Totally uncaring to who was watching......
As they say...
"ahhh......young love...."
Come on though...
In Kindergarten????
Garrin - step away from Ava.  Let's focus.
On school.  And learning how to read please.
She is pretty darn cute though.

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