Wednesday, September 21

I've been on hold.....kinda

I guess on hold is really not true.
Who's life gets put on hold????
I am in overdrive personally,
but the blogging has certainly taken a hit.
So yes.  The blog's been on hold.

Wanted to quickly post these pictures I'd taken quite a while ago.
I am between two computers right now.
My desktop is now at my "office" (more on that later),
and the laptop is at home.
So whichever I've downloaded pics on - who the hell knows,
it's not easy finding them.

At the office right now - so here you go.

I'd taken these very photos,
before I black and whited (?) them,
lowered the saturation to a sepia tone,
with still a little blue sky,
uploaded them to Shutterfly
to print them LARGE and IN CHARGE
to mount and hang at Global Superabrasives.

I will post pics of those beauties once I get them.
AND pics of the new office.

It been fun,
time consuming,
but amazing just the same.
Hence - no blogging.

Be back soon though.
Happy Hump Day.
or Hump Night.

Ok - that didn't sound right......
It's 5:00 somewhere, right????

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