Monday, August 8

they are all mine

and I am damn proud of that.
All three headed out today -
Middle School,
High School,
pretty much drama free.
They looked super cute to boot - but without incident is always a plus!
As we left the school after walking Garrin up this morning,
a teary mom and dad walked along side of us and were upset about having left
their new Kindergartener crying....or screaming as they put it.

After I told them it would be OK, I explained that we, too, had a cry-er.
And today he walked straight into Middle School this morning without a problem.
And for that I am grateful.

Now granted, I had a hard time tearing Garrin away from the wii and his new
Phineas and Ferb game,
and Connor pretended we were not walking WITH him this morning
especially the closer we got to school,
and Hannah took two hours to do her hair,
all went perfect regardless!

Except I was left wondering one thing as Hannah, the last one out
this morning, walked to meet her friends.......
Granted she is not the sharpest pencil in the pencil box,
but who buys a

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