Wednesday, August 31

should we call the guidance counselor?

I don't know what it is with
and small animals.
She just has this soft spot for them,
just around the same time I am thinking
"please do not touch that thing..."

I have often told her that she may want to explore the possibility
of studying to be a veterinarian.  Somehow get involved in taking
care of animals,
because we all know that there is not much money in
Swimming as a career or Just Standing Around Looking Pretty....

A baby morning dove flew into the living room window yesterday,
knocking it silly.  Hannah to the rescue:

After she loved on it for a while,
and put it in a box in her room for a while,
while she got ready for school,
we convinced her that once its headache went away,
it would be fine and fly away -
as it did.

I remembered when we were at my sister's house last year and
Hannah had a similar reaction to a lost baby squirrel......
I'm telling you.
It may be a calling.

Yet I've seen a couple of other things that my multi-talented daughter
may want to consider as a career.

Fashion Designer, perhaps.
It's almost like magic when she gets a pair of scissors in her hands, don't you think?

Or perhaps a scientist.

for Pizza Hut.
She seems to occasionally perform experiments
with Garlicky Breadsticks, logging information on how many days they can
sit on your desk in your room before starting to mold.....

Just sayin'...
This kid is gonna make it big someday.

Either that or she better get on Millionaire Matchmaker.

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