Monday, August 15

a note to self

Good morning Self.

Well.  Let's put it this way.  It was not a good morning a couple of hours ago.
Let's think about the lead up.

You washed and did NOT dry your hair yesterday.
Which in English means - the curl comes out.
Which was fine for yesterday.
It looked cute and all.

But this doesn't work to your advantage on day 2.

Now day two, brings no hair washing.
Since having had your hysterectomy,
you fear of going bald has been realized on a daily basis
for two reasons.
One - the amount of hair on your comb, the floor, the sink, the towel,
and in your hands after you wash it
Two - your investment in numerous Costco sized jugs of Drain-O.

All this - being why you shampoo every other day.

Between The Curl, The Humidity, The Hot Flashes
it then takes you about
17 hours to straighten your hair and by that time you are looking
for Bill's clippers to shave your head,
you've headed into a room where you can stand directly under a fan,
or you've pretended to un-jam the ice maker just so you can cool
off in the freezer.

Let's just agree to NEVER try to straighten your hair
without washing it first.


You'll have way more time with your family,
and spend way less time bitching.

Have a nice day.

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