Monday, August 22

boo hoo hoo

As planned, Garrin and I headed up to school a wee bit later than usual.
Today would be the first day that he would walk into the gates and onto the playground


And that he did.
Walked in.

As I flopped on the ground, kicking, screaming and bawling...
ok I didn't,
but I wanted to.

I stood there watching my youngest go off on his own,
to join his friends on the playground.

Did I say dammit yet?

But what can I expect.  Look at this kid.
He is growing up - the spitting image of his brother.

And don't you know, I could photoshop a mustache on and put moles all over this kids face
and he'd still be adorable.

Oh and it's only Monday.  Can I do this all week?  We shall see.

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