Sunday, August 21

the backstory

Well, we knew we had plans with our friends Leslie and Dean to go get
tattoos last night.  And Bill and I had discussed getting matching tattoos -
something symbolic of our three kids.
So we'd decided on stars.  One each to represent the three.
But a final design hadn't been picked.  I knew in my mind which one
I wanted and assumed Bill would go along with me
if he knows whats good for him.

But to my surprise, he'd chosen a different design and looking logically at it,
my little wimpy design would have been lost on his gigantic ankle.
I mean, it's like the size of Alaska for godsakes....
He had discussed it with the kids and got some personalized feedback from them.
suck up

But there was still a little surprise.
He was holding back on me.
And the kids.
Connor to be exact.

So here is his tattoo.

No I am not the slightest bit bitter at the fact that his tattoo is WAY bigger
than I thought it would be.  No I don't think he was in any way looking to out shine
me..... ahem..  Back on point.  See the words "Go Me" on one of the stars?
That is Connor's star.

Check out the pic below.



Jenn said...

Beyond awesome! LUV it.

Roy Wells said...

Really swank Gini... Love it.