Wednesday, August 31

should we call the guidance counselor?

I don't know what it is with
and small animals.
She just has this soft spot for them,
just around the same time I am thinking
"please do not touch that thing..."

I have often told her that she may want to explore the possibility
of studying to be a veterinarian.  Somehow get involved in taking
care of animals,
because we all know that there is not much money in
Swimming as a career or Just Standing Around Looking Pretty....

A baby morning dove flew into the living room window yesterday,
knocking it silly.  Hannah to the rescue:

After she loved on it for a while,
and put it in a box in her room for a while,
while she got ready for school,
we convinced her that once its headache went away,
it would be fine and fly away -
as it did.

I remembered when we were at my sister's house last year and
Hannah had a similar reaction to a lost baby squirrel......
I'm telling you.
It may be a calling.

Yet I've seen a couple of other things that my multi-talented daughter
may want to consider as a career.

Fashion Designer, perhaps.
It's almost like magic when she gets a pair of scissors in her hands, don't you think?

Or perhaps a scientist.

for Pizza Hut.
She seems to occasionally perform experiments
with Garlicky Breadsticks, logging information on how many days they can
sit on your desk in your room before starting to mold.....

Just sayin'...
This kid is gonna make it big someday.

Either that or she better get on Millionaire Matchmaker.

Tuesday, August 30

yesterday sucked

big time
But I preempt this post by saying
I know my grumpiness is coming at a time where many
people are dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane,
and I truly know that I could have it a lot worse right now.

I'm gonna bitch anyway.

While it was a culmination of a lot of different things,
it was entirely my own fault.
My bad mood just kept getting worse
because of me.
I couldn't seem to "get over" anything.
I felt like I couldn't get out of my own way.
I seriously considered going back to bed.
It was almost like my body wanted to do that,
and my head was agreeing.

I was my own worst enemy.
Today is a new day.

And I thank God I get another chance.
Happy Tuesday.

Monday, August 29

10 hours of therapy

Split up into two - five hours sessions.
And it was free.

Drove to Vegas on Thursday,
returned home on Friday.
I love this drive.  It is long but peaceful.
Deserted but beautiful.
Not a better time to spend alone,
just thinking,

It has done wonders for me.
Try it some time.

See below for the details of the session.

Talking with a dear dear friend,
having dinner with some crazy friends.
Surprising others.
Singing at the top of my lungs.
Taking pictures.

Free therapy Rocks.

**disclaimer:  so does PAID therapy too!!
wink, wink

Monday, August 22

boo hoo hoo

As planned, Garrin and I headed up to school a wee bit later than usual.
Today would be the first day that he would walk into the gates and onto the playground


And that he did.
Walked in.

As I flopped on the ground, kicking, screaming and bawling...
ok I didn't,
but I wanted to.

I stood there watching my youngest go off on his own,
to join his friends on the playground.

Did I say dammit yet?

But what can I expect.  Look at this kid.
He is growing up - the spitting image of his brother.

And don't you know, I could photoshop a mustache on and put moles all over this kids face
and he'd still be adorable.

Oh and it's only Monday.  Can I do this all week?  We shall see.

Sunday, August 21

the backstory

Well, we knew we had plans with our friends Leslie and Dean to go get
tattoos last night.  And Bill and I had discussed getting matching tattoos -
something symbolic of our three kids.
So we'd decided on stars.  One each to represent the three.
But a final design hadn't been picked.  I knew in my mind which one
I wanted and assumed Bill would go along with me
if he knows whats good for him.

But to my surprise, he'd chosen a different design and looking logically at it,
my little wimpy design would have been lost on his gigantic ankle.
I mean, it's like the size of Alaska for godsakes....
He had discussed it with the kids and got some personalized feedback from them.
suck up

But there was still a little surprise.
He was holding back on me.
And the kids.
Connor to be exact.

So here is his tattoo.

No I am not the slightest bit bitter at the fact that his tattoo is WAY bigger
than I thought it would be.  No I don't think he was in any way looking to out shine
me..... ahem..  Back on point.  See the words "Go Me" on one of the stars?
That is Connor's star.

Check out the pic below.


Saturday, August 20

one of those days

If you are friends with Bill on Facebook,
and read his status today,
you would know that he is having a
"What the hell are people thinking"
kinda morning, as he travels back home.

Which is funny because on MY way home from
dropping Hannah off at the pool this morning,
I thought the same thing.

What the hell is this lady thinking?

It's 9 am
it's 95 degrees out.

Friday, August 19

today may not have started off so well,

but this quote surely rings true:

For the man sound in body and serene of mind there is no such thing as bad weather; every day has its beauty, and storms which whip the blood do but make it pulse more vigorously. 
~George Gissing

You take the good with the bad right?
Thought posting these photos of our amazing sunsets here,
was apropos after our haboob last night.

Kinda mimics life.

Thursday, August 18

I bet you've never chased a haboob

Wednesday, August 17

one minute you are...

almost two and wearing a swim diaper

and the next minute
you are eleven
and wearing a swim diaper.......

11 and growing up into a beautiful...
ok, not beautiful,
but handsome boy.
just like his dad.

Happy Birthday's!!

Tuesday, August 16

What do you get...

the two most awesome-est guys in the whole wide world for their birthday?

Today is Bill's birthday.
Connor's is tomorrow.

So the ideas do not come easy for when it comes to gifts for them.
They have everything already.

Tickets to sports games?
iTunes gift cards?
Game Stop gift cards?
New Underwear?

I was at a loss.

Until I saw this:

Ordering two.
Framing each.
One in Connor's bathroom.
One in ours.

Otherwise I'll be ordering one of these:


Monday, August 15

a note to self

Good morning Self.

Well.  Let's put it this way.  It was not a good morning a couple of hours ago.
Let's think about the lead up.

You washed and did NOT dry your hair yesterday.
Which in English means - the curl comes out.
Which was fine for yesterday.
It looked cute and all.

But this doesn't work to your advantage on day 2.

Now day two, brings no hair washing.
Since having had your hysterectomy,
you fear of going bald has been realized on a daily basis
for two reasons.
One - the amount of hair on your comb, the floor, the sink, the towel,
and in your hands after you wash it
Two - your investment in numerous Costco sized jugs of Drain-O.

All this - being why you shampoo every other day.

Between The Curl, The Humidity, The Hot Flashes
it then takes you about
17 hours to straighten your hair and by that time you are looking
for Bill's clippers to shave your head,
you've headed into a room where you can stand directly under a fan,
or you've pretended to un-jam the ice maker just so you can cool
off in the freezer.

Let's just agree to NEVER try to straighten your hair
without washing it first.


You'll have way more time with your family,
and spend way less time bitching.

Have a nice day.

Friday, August 12

yin and yang

BEFORE the sun came up today and
I was fully awake and had to take Hannah to morning practice......

AFTER the sun finally came up
and I had a cup of coffee and left to pick up Hannah.....

Yin and Yang "used to describe how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn."

How very true of this morning.
Asleep vs awake
No coffee vs coffee
Driving unknowingly vs paying attention

Good thing this is once a week... 

Thursday, August 11


"when you love someone, all your
saved up wishes start coming out."
Elizabeth Bowen

I wish that teenagers could think how we, as adults, think.
Feel as we feel now.
React and understand like we do today.

Most of all I wish -
that they could have AWESOME, QUICK comebacks like we do
so they aren't hurt by painful words coming from
immature, jealous, low self esteem, and sometimes just plain cruel

One saved wish?

Wednesday, August 10

where is the love people??

It is right here baby.
Having three kids, I get to experience love three different ways.

While most wouldn't characterize the love from Hannah as actual love,
I don't have a choice but to do so.
Otherwise I'd have to sell her or something.
Other, more familiar words that pop into my head are
and my brain is lacking here, but is there a word for
"just the mere fact that I exist and unfortunately by God's doing I am,
and always will be her mother" attitude?
Because really,  sometimes I ponder all the day long,
what the hell was it that I did to set her off.
But love it is.  It is just what teenage years boil down to at this point.
And I am truly grateful I have the opportunity to battle with her on
a daily basis.  Thank you Lord.

Then there is Connor.
So much less drama.
Thus the kind of love shown by Hannah, is not present between Connor
and I.  Connor has "unspoken love" for me.
You know.  The kind that is apparent when, are around his friends.
School.  Swim.  The grocery store run-in.  It doesn't matter.
It's that "loving" look he gives me all the while thinking -
"Hey.  I love you Mom.  But right now I am going to pretend you
are not right next to me."
I love unspoken love.  It is understood.
It is kind. 
Not real disrespectful in the "bite your head off, I'm never gonna
forget this, kinda, Hannah way".
It is also knowing.  I know how it is.
Here is a prime example:  I know in my heart that Connor would love
for me to cart his ass to school every day AND then pick him up
after.  Not gonna.  The rule here is - he rides his bike.
I am comfortable in knowing that he is not going to stew about it all
friggen day.  He gets on his dang bike, and goes off  to school.
no drama
Love that.  And love him.

Then at the extreme opposite of the spectrum there is Garrin
and his flat-out most awesome-est five year old,
last child,
happy child,
love that he has for his mom.
I could rip the wii controller right out of his perfect little hands,
and he is smooching me and hugging me within 5 minutes.
While I understand it may be his short attention span, that affords me
the luxury of such love, I am going to eat it up as much as I possibly
can.  I hope it never stops.
OK I take that back.  I hope when this type of love
can be translated into
"Momma's boy" kinda love -
I stop it dead in it's tracks.
We'll have none of that around here.

And with that,
I've gotta run.
Time to walk hand in hand with my boy
to Kindergarten.

Have a Loving Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 9

The only problem I see...

is if this kid doesn't start getting some homework.
Conquering all 87 levels of this game, will NOT help him learn how to read.
And it's time.
Tick Tock...

Monday, August 8

they are all mine

and I am damn proud of that.
All three headed out today -
Middle School,
High School,
pretty much drama free.
They looked super cute to boot - but without incident is always a plus!
As we left the school after walking Garrin up this morning,
a teary mom and dad walked along side of us and were upset about having left
their new Kindergartener crying....or screaming as they put it.

After I told them it would be OK, I explained that we, too, had a cry-er.
And today he walked straight into Middle School this morning without a problem.
And for that I am grateful.

Now granted, I had a hard time tearing Garrin away from the wii and his new
Phineas and Ferb game,
and Connor pretended we were not walking WITH him this morning
especially the closer we got to school,
and Hannah took two hours to do her hair,
all went perfect regardless!

Except I was left wondering one thing as Hannah, the last one out
this morning, walked to meet her friends.......
Granted she is not the sharpest pencil in the pencil box,
but who buys a

Sunday, August 7

the end of the summer has arrived

This in no uncertain terms means
It is seriously, time to get back to reality.

fragrant rose petals will be floating down from heaven,
while pretty white unicorns prance merrily across the way,
running through double rainbows,
as my three kids


It will then be time to pick these pretty, and basically brand new sneakers.....

up outta the corner they have been laying in
and put them back on my slightly swollen feet,
and my 4 pounds heavier - FAT ASS
and get back to the gym.

No more vacations.
No more beach.
No more Disneyland.
No more eating out.
No more goofing off.
No more being lazy.
No more playing instead of cleaning/working/whatever-it-is-I-do-all-day.

It is also high time to get the laundry room
of my bedroom.

See below:

Hannah's basket!

The boys - in order - Bill, Connor and Garrin's baskets.

And lastly....

my basket.

swim meets,
the beach,
more swim meets,
Bill traveling for work,
packing and unpacking,
and then re-packing....

( playing wii...)

Washing, sorting, and...
ok - just washing and sorting I guess,
is about as far as the laundry has gotten for most of the summer.

So I look forward
booting each and every one of my beautiful children right out the front door
to having my days back,
to cook
and clean
and facebook
and wash clothes
and put mints on everyone's pillows,
and make everyone know

that I love being a wife and mom.

Regardless of the sarcasm.