Monday, July 25

State Champs!!

Connor has had a pretty decent Long Course swimming season.
Hannah?  Not so much.
Let's just say this girl has grown 4 inches in about 2 months and is now visibly taller than me.
Not just a little.  But a lot.

But this weekend was a huge turnaround for Hannah, by day 2.
I am so proud of both of them,
for contributing all their efforts into helping win this State Meet
for Swim Neptune.

Our Head Coach Joe, his team, and his trophy!
And Coach Danny - The meet would have been a whole lot less FUN without him.
He got the kids so pumped up!  He yelled.  He jumped.  He ran along the deck.  He MOTIVATED!
His energy was on fire.  And we instantly loved him!

Many Neptune swimmers got a chance to stand on the podium.

And even those that didn't - swam their butts off - each and every one of them.
It was an incredibly
did I say HOT?
But worth every single moment there.

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