Thursday, July 21

Soul Sisters

Hannah and Olivia have been connected since birth.  Hannah's birth
happened on Olivia's first birthday.  And that day tied these two together forever.
They got to celebrate ON their day together last night.
Olivia turned 15 - Hannah turned 14.
There is nothing better than watching them together.  They share the same zest for life.

Did I say zest for life?
Probably NOT what they would call it..........

Could there be anything more real than this kind of friendship?

And I promise,
that anytime Hannah pisses me off,
talks disrespectfully,
rolls her eyes at me,
gives me the arms,
or what have you,
I will pull up this blog post and remember that behind all the raging
girly hormones,
is a funny, sweet, silly, beautiful girl.

Somebody remind me to do that OK???

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