Wednesday, July 20

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Fourteen years in the making and let's see what we've come up with.

This is a pretty accurate picture of what parenting this child for the last
14 years has resulted in.

She is a dip.

She is fun.
And silly.
And likable.
Sometimes lovable.
Extremely outgoing.
An all-around amazing teenager in my eyes.

Those are the same eyes that will be squeezing shut tightly
while I hold my breath
throughout the next 4 years
which hold
-high school
-driver's license
(oh wait.....we have that now....)
-and all that I can't even imagine at this moment
while she grows into an adult.

Please Hannah.
For the love of God.
PLEASE do not make me want to start drinking
or smoking crack.

I love you!

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