Wednesday, July 6

Crystal Cove 2011

Headed to CA for the fourth of July long weekend to re-connect.  The five of us at times, seem to be heading in FIVE different directions for extended periods of time, occasionally.  When we finally realize that
we try to scoot in some time to get back together and ACT like we are a family.  No better place than the beach.  Or Disney.  But we opted - BEACH this time. 
The six hour drive was worth it.

I was able to capture my Annual Picture Of The Kids At The Beach That They Hate Having To Take.  It's always a pleasure......trying to get this shot.

Though there are soooo many beaches to choose from, we always go back to Crystal Cove.
Semi-private, great rocky cliffs, perfect for boogie boarding/body surfing!

Oh - and a great place to work on losing
the white swim-cap line around your head......

Check out this guy.
Sat down with a bunch of "weeds, dude" and wove crowns and hats and the like
for some of the kids that gathered around him.  Very cool.

I love this beach, too, because sometimes it is like my family is the only one there!

We are all pretty tan, except for my little whitey here.
I don't know who's complexion he got.....oh wait - that would be mine...

Garrin has officially joined the ranks of boogie boarding freaks!
His tentativeness left after his first successful ride.
Too bad he's not having a good time....

And Connor?  Well, we weren't even all the way down to the shore,
let alone have our stuff unpacked and settled into the sand....
he was already in the water.

Love this one!

So - a great time had by all.
Thinking we may be able to sneak in another quick trip before school starts.
Oh yeah.  That would be in about 4 weeks, by the way!

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