Monday, July 25

State Champs!!

Connor has had a pretty decent Long Course swimming season.
Hannah?  Not so much.
Let's just say this girl has grown 4 inches in about 2 months and is now visibly taller than me.
Not just a little.  But a lot.

But this weekend was a huge turnaround for Hannah, by day 2.
I am so proud of both of them,
for contributing all their efforts into helping win this State Meet
for Swim Neptune.

Our Head Coach Joe, his team, and his trophy!
And Coach Danny - The meet would have been a whole lot less FUN without him.
He got the kids so pumped up!  He yelled.  He jumped.  He ran along the deck.  He MOTIVATED!
His energy was on fire.  And we instantly loved him!

Many Neptune swimmers got a chance to stand on the podium.

And even those that didn't - swam their butts off - each and every one of them.
It was an incredibly
did I say HOT?
But worth every single moment there.

Thursday, July 21

Soul Sisters

Hannah and Olivia have been connected since birth.  Hannah's birth
happened on Olivia's first birthday.  And that day tied these two together forever.
They got to celebrate ON their day together last night.
Olivia turned 15 - Hannah turned 14.
There is nothing better than watching them together.  They share the same zest for life.

Did I say zest for life?
Probably NOT what they would call it..........

Could there be anything more real than this kind of friendship?

And I promise,
that anytime Hannah pisses me off,
talks disrespectfully,
rolls her eyes at me,
gives me the arms,
or what have you,
I will pull up this blog post and remember that behind all the raging
girly hormones,
is a funny, sweet, silly, beautiful girl.

Somebody remind me to do that OK???

Wednesday, July 20

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Fourteen years in the making and let's see what we've come up with.

This is a pretty accurate picture of what parenting this child for the last
14 years has resulted in.

She is a dip.

She is fun.
And silly.
And likable.
Sometimes lovable.
Extremely outgoing.
An all-around amazing teenager in my eyes.

Those are the same eyes that will be squeezing shut tightly
while I hold my breath
throughout the next 4 years
which hold
-high school
-driver's license
(oh wait.....we have that now....)
-and all that I can't even imagine at this moment
while she grows into an adult.

Please Hannah.
For the love of God.
PLEASE do not make me want to start drinking
or smoking crack.

I love you!

Sunday, July 17

How it always goes, right?

I don't have my Canon,
and I want to take pictures and blog.

I have my Canon,
and I don't take pictures and blog.

What the heck?

Hurry up Mr. Fixer-Of-My-Camera.
I'm becoming quite impatient......
Have a nice day.

Thursday, July 7

can you say "HABOOB"?

strong wind that occurs along the southern edges of the Sahara in The Sudan and is associated with large sandstorms and duststorms and may be accompanied by thunderstorms. It usually lasts about three hours, is most common during the summer, and may blow from any direction. A haboob may transport huge quantities of sand or dust, which move as a dense wall that can reach a height of 900 metres (about 3,000 feet). The term haboob is taken from the Arabic word habb meaning wind.

Apparently this encyclopedia entry should be re-written to include Arizona.............
and in every welcome packet to new residents.

I tell you - this came as a complete surprise.  Having lived in the desert of Nevada,
dust devils were a pretty common occurrence.  But a haboob??  Never saw one.
Until Tuesday night.
And holy crap - what an experience.

I constantly feel like I need to take a shower after going outside.
I feel like ALL of Arizona needs a shower.
A rain shower - at least.

I wonder how long it will be, before you don't see foot prints where you've walked...

This shot here is from yesterday.  Lotta dust still lingering in the air.

Bill's car - which is never in the garage has this nasty coating on it.
We grilled last night.  Not that the grill is ever sparkly clean....ever.....BUT....ewww!
And we had a few UPS packages delivered......
One of which is my K-Cup order......which is still outside as a matter of fact.
The National Weather Service says we average about 4 of these a summer.
Let's hope not.

Wednesday, July 6

Crystal Cove 2011

Headed to CA for the fourth of July long weekend to re-connect.  The five of us at times, seem to be heading in FIVE different directions for extended periods of time, occasionally.  When we finally realize that
we try to scoot in some time to get back together and ACT like we are a family.  No better place than the beach.  Or Disney.  But we opted - BEACH this time. 
The six hour drive was worth it.

I was able to capture my Annual Picture Of The Kids At The Beach That They Hate Having To Take.  It's always a pleasure......trying to get this shot.

Though there are soooo many beaches to choose from, we always go back to Crystal Cove.
Semi-private, great rocky cliffs, perfect for boogie boarding/body surfing!

Oh - and a great place to work on losing
the white swim-cap line around your head......

Check out this guy.
Sat down with a bunch of "weeds, dude" and wove crowns and hats and the like
for some of the kids that gathered around him.  Very cool.

I love this beach, too, because sometimes it is like my family is the only one there!

We are all pretty tan, except for my little whitey here.
I don't know who's complexion he got.....oh wait - that would be mine...

Garrin has officially joined the ranks of boogie boarding freaks!
His tentativeness left after his first successful ride.
Too bad he's not having a good time....

And Connor?  Well, we weren't even all the way down to the shore,
let alone have our stuff unpacked and settled into the sand....
he was already in the water.

Love this one!

So - a great time had by all.
Thinking we may be able to sneak in another quick trip before school starts.
Oh yeah.  That would be in about 4 weeks, by the way!

Friday, July 1


About 2 miles from our house, there are acres and acres of horse property.  I forget at times that Arizona is very "western".  These ranches are everywhere, but a concentration of them along the route I drive to and from the pool everyday.

Bill said that some of the horses at one of the properties, had some babies.  And this morning I finally spotted them.  They are so awesome......makes you feel a little "giddy" watching them "horse" around.  (ha ha ha Thank you...I'll be here all week.....)

Check 'em out!

Well.  We are getting all saddled up to get out of here this holiday weekend,
to head to Cali to get in some beach time.  Kids start school in just over a month,
so we are jamming in all we can, before we can never leave the house again.......

Oh...and couldn't think of a better photoshop action to use than
The Pioneer Woman's Old West action.

Happy Day!