Monday, May 9

Is it silly...

that I make Hannah stand on a crate when we take pictures together?

I'm totally lying.
She's as tall as me.

I'm totally lying.
She is a little taller than me.

Well - Middle School is coming to an end for this girl.
She is in full "end of school/party" mode,
and I am keeping my fingers crossed that she stays
focused on school for the remaining two weeks.

I will say this again, because I am sure I've said it before....
I do NOT know how she keeps it all together -
her life - the balance between school work/school friends/swimming/swim friends.
And with the Perfect Storm brewing -
swim meets,
high school swim meetings,
Meme visiting,
and everything else on her calendar,
the next two weeks will be say the least.

I love her.

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