Sunday, April 10

yes, yes...

Dinner last night was so good.  And the company even better!

We had a chance to go some place we'd been wanting to go.

And our evening went a little like this.
Started off with 2 orders each of Soft Shell Crab Roll and Hamachi Serrano Chili Roll.
The Hamachi was to die for for sure.

But wait.

We then slowly slid down a fantastic raw oyster, that was heaven in a little salty shell.

But wait.

We then had 2 orders of assorted sushi of which we insisted it included some
yummy yellowtail.

But wait.

That heaven in a little salty shell?  Yeah.  Had another.  Like a palate cleanser almost.

But wait.

We then had the most moist, perfectly prepared lamb chop and some grilled corn and
zucchini to blow your mind.

But wait.

We capped all that with a double espresso.

But the best part of the whole night?

You JUST WAIT.....

Check this out:


(yes i took my camera out of my purse and took a picture of the potty.)

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