Wednesday, April 27


what's up?

It's been what?  2 weeks since my last blog post?
Certainly not for the lack of material to write about.
Just busy-ness and I've been super tired lately.

So let's back the truck up....
and start with this whole diet thing.
Been on this kind of high protein - low (practically NO) carb diet for
about 7 or 8 weeks.
Bill says it's kinda like The Paleo Diet which is basically,
if you can pick it you can eat it - type of diet.
So I've lost a fair amount of weight
and of course Bill has lost practically a whole person........
I am pretty happy with the weight loss, but the downfall
to eating lots of protein and no carbs is
So blogging has taken a back seat to naps.
Kidding.....kind of.
I am definitely needing a nap every now and again,
but at night when I typically write a blog post -
dead tired.
Not complaining here.
Just stating the facts.
We all know diets SUCK BIG TIME,
but my ass is thanking me right about now.

Which now brings me to the gym.
Which too, is cutting into possible blogging time. How?
Well.  My mornings consist of
getting the kids ready and off to school,
I hit the gym for an hour or so,
head home,
have a protein shake or some breakfast,
take a shower,
dress, makeup and hair.
Then it's about lunch time.
I gotta tell ya' -
"ME time" takes up a lot of time.
And I fricken hate that.  The sense of wasting time.
Which is why I have not become one with the gym yet......
Sometimes I dread going,
but by the time I'm outta there - I am feeling so glad for going.
And working hard.
Again - my ass is thanking me......

So the lack of blogging has not been

1.  because my kids aren't beautiful, or amazing, or smart, or funny, or
just plain "Garrin"
(which I think should become an adjective - to describe the happiest thing on the planet.
"Going on rollercoasters makes me feel so Garrin.....")

2.  or because I haven't had the opportunity to take some great photos -
because I have taken a few....which will be a future blog post.

3.  or because I haven't gotten pissed off about something or someone that I just
wanted to spout off about in writing.

4.  or because I haven't had fun with friends or dates with Bill to write about.

5.  or because I don't have anything cool that I am looking forward to.

6.  or because I am not reading the most awesome-est book ever right now
to share with everyone.


well - you get me.

So I am saying this right here, right now.
I'm gonna eat more carbs.
Well, yes I am introducing some carbs back in.
So hopefully
I will wake the f*ck up
and start writing more consistently.

I've missed my blog.

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