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my newly confirmed citizenship status as a Canadian on

Damn straight folks.
I am a Canadian citizen.
So let's travel in the time capsule back to the beginning of
the dysfunctional

Stories be told,
and 8mm films the proof,
my strict Roman Catholic and let's add Italian on top of that to give you the
full effect of the impact of what when down, mother, of a proud immigrant family
right off the boat
ran off with my questionable father to Canada?
Why?  Because she was pregnant with me....
and was escaping from the life she'd been living with my grandparents
to be the rebel in the family.
I guess as some point in time we all get our "rebel" on when it comes to our parents.
I did it....
They say "Do this and do it this way" and You say "I don't think so.  Watch this...."

So back in the day, I guess crossing the border was no biggie.
I know they headed up through Maine,
and landed in Ontario.
Low and behold, in June of 1965, I popped out.
It is said that the rescue occurred shortly thereafter.

I laugh every time I think about it or have to reiterate this story.
But that, in all essence, is what went down.
My grandmother, grandfather, my mother's aunt and uncle, all drove to
my birthplace,
first off - to see how adorable I was of course.
But to bring everyone home,
to the United States...
I mean....somebody had to teach me how to curse in Sicilian..come on!

So I literally think I was a resident of the fine country of Canada for only a few short months,
if that.

Fast forward to 1983ish.  I think.
My mother had had a car accident and was paralyzed from the waist down.
My parents marriage was in turmoil.
And I remember going into the basement - where my mother couldn't go at that
point in time.  I think my sister was with me.
I started rifling through a case full of papers.
And I'll be damned I found out a whole lotta stuff about our family that day.

Let's start with the fact that my parents marriage certificate had the date of May 1966.
Hello?  Born in '65 ova' here!!!  I was a bastard child!!  Interesting, but whatever.
That's pretty much common practice these days, huh?
But as I read that I was thinking back to 1965 and what that meant to a
Roman Catholic Eye-Talian family back then.  Holy crap.
Which led to interesting-item-number-2.
The reason my parents were not married was.....
My father was already married!!
I had two half-brothers.
He'd left the wife and his two sons to run off with my mother.

So the whole citizenship status was never in the forefront of my mind.
There was no necessity to investigate it.
Only thing that made that come into play was years and years ago,
when Bill and I had traveled to an island somewhere.
We were coming back home and when I'd gone through immigration at the airport,
I got hassled.  I call it hassled, they called it doing their job.
Which is indeed what it was.  I was just nervous and scared that I wasn't going
to be let back into the US.  So I grabbed onto my first line of defense and became a
bitch to the officer.  Until Bill intervened and shut me up.
Long story short I got back in,
and just carried on with my life.

Well it's 2011 and I wanted to get passports for all of us.
Heck...with my 13 year old capable of traveling by herself - it sure sounds like
a good idea.  PLUS I made a bucket list and on that list was to once and for all
found out what my status is.

And it is that ....
I have no status here.

So at this point in my 45 years here,
it's a good gosh darned thing that I married a US Citizen.
He will now have to petition for me.
Which takes up to 3 years for the whole process.
Sounds a little like the movie The Proposal....sorta
So I am feeling a little bit more confident about actually becoming legal.

This would have all be prevented if my mother had filed papers for me
after she'd brought me back into this country.
I am thinking she had a lot on her plate back then.


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Unknown said...

You have a colorful life story, Gin-ster. Embrace it. It makes you. And you're awesome.
I loved this post!