Friday, April 1

Dear Belly Fat,


Let's talk.
I consider myself pretty stubborn.
But I've come to find that YOU are even more so.

I have been hard core dieting for 4 weeks now.
And yes, I've lost some weight.
Don't look at me like that....

I am grateful.
I've made a lot of progress.

But seriously.
Why are you hanging on so?
What the hell?

Protein Protein Protein, right?
Burns the belly fat, right?
If I consume anymore protein I am going to turn into a Rib Eye.
Yes, I'm balancing it with healthy fruits and vegetables, but come on!

So yesterday my Doctor says stress.
Stress is your BFF, apparently.
And I'm thinking "STRESS?".

I am virtually stress free right now.
Comparatively speaking, of course.

So what gives?

Let me mention too I am battling you valiantly with
consistent trips to the gym in the hopes of jiggling you right the hell off.
And while my calves are looking more shapely,
YOU are not leaving as quickly as I'd hoped.

So please.  Have pity.
Help me out here. 
On the rare occasion I may feel stressed.......
like my daughter is swimming in Florida against some super fast people,
or Connor being in the hands of my husband to get to and from a swim meet in California,
or my over-the-top happy go lucky son Garrin, unknowingly admits to his teacher
that I let him watch way too much TV while I Facebook....
(just kidding on THAT one, but you never know with that kid!)

whatever it may be,
whatever triggers a moment of stress....
Be kind.

Know you are not wanted around these parts any longer
and get lost.

I've got shorts I need to fit into dammit.
It's gonna be almost 100 today.

Thanks so much,
Your keeper for the last 18 or so months,

PS:  Don't make me call Lipo Suction.......

1 comment:

Trisha said...

And after you are done with Gini, please come take your ugly sister (Muffin Top) off my hands. You both need to go on a long vacation together . . . far far away from our waistlines !!