Friday, April 8


Let me start out by saying Garrin has a student teacher in his classroom now,
in addition to his teacher and the aide.


Everyday the kids have an opportunity to earn a clock.
A green clock - for following all the rules.
A blue clock - for breaking a rule/rules.
If you go to red?  Well, no stinking clock for you.  You are just in big trouble...

So the past few days Garrin has been making it his priority to come home
with as many blue clocks as possible.  I don't know if it's own personal test
to see how many he can accumulate in one week or what, but he is on a roll.

So Bill spoke to the teacher's aide Wednesday and she explained that the new
student teacher, who is sweet, fun and YOUNG, has been passing those blue clocks out
as fast as the Henderson Police Department was handing me speeding tickets
sometime back........


So Garrin comes out of the classroom yesterday when I picked him up.  I could see
the new blue clock in his hand and he was tearing up a little.
Yes, my heart sank at the same time that I was getting pissed that he'd misbehaved..again.
Wierd feeling.

So we starting walking home and he proceeded to hand me the big yellow super-star he'd
gotten for standing in line quietly, and tried to hide the blue clock from me.
When I asked about it, he really had difficulty explaining what had happened.
Typical for a five year old and I wasn't going to push the point too far.
But I did tell him that there would be consequences for getting yet another BLUE.

After five minutes of explaining exactly what "consequences" meant, I told him what the
consequence would be.  It went a little something like this:

Me:  "Well, Garrin.  I am going to have to take away your television."
Garrin:  "Why?"
Me:  "Because that is your punishment."
Garrin:  "What is punishment?"
Me:  "Well a punishment is what your consequence is.  I have to take away
something that you really like."
Garrin:  "Oh good.  Finally."
Me:  "What?  What do you mean?"
Garrin:  "It's ok Mommy.  I don't really like my TV so it's ok that you take it away."
Me:  "Really?  Are you serious?"
Garrin:  "I am not kidding Mommy.  I don't want the TV in my room anyway.
And now Connor won't come in and watch it in my room."

So now what do I do?
I have a feeling that my 5 year old would take this route with ANYthing I tried to ground him


Unknown said...

This happens with Abby, too.
I think of something (we recently had the priv/con convo... again.)
And unless I use Barbies, nothing works. She makes due, as they say.
But, much like you I think, we have never HAD a discipline issue with Abby before now. So we were kind of at a loss as to how to explain and act on said explanation... it had just never come up!
Good Luck.

Isn't there an ugly, old, mean teacher that can hand out the blue clocks?

Carolyn said...

You will now spend the next 13 years trying to be smarter than he is. Good luck.