Friday, March 18

the things you'll find

So, as I was getting stuff ready for Hannah while she was packing up to leave,
I got together her AND Connor's point and shoot cameras.
Because I am expecting her to take over 400 pictures, hence needing both..........
or so that must have been what I was thinking at the a dumb ass.

I got both batteries all charged up and I popped out the cards in both
to see if there were photos to download.  Which there were.
Here is a sampling of what my kids take pictures of.

For some reason, all kids are obsessed with taking pictures of themselves.
Making stupid faces.  Sometimes with their tongues hanging out.....
Should I complain?  No.  Because they have their clothes ON, which is a blessing these days.

See ..... Connor does the same thing.  Only with who the hell knows what in his mouth.  And he looks
kinda "bloated" in that left shot.  What was I feeding that kid back then, or was it that he was actually eating.....?

Ok....ok.....I joined in the fun a little.
But only for a minute.  My clothes are on, and my tongue is IN my mouth.....

Here is Garrin's foot.  I'm not sure why - and Connor whizzing by on his bike....kind of a cool shot actually.  Not sure why the focus on his shirt though.

I don't even know what to say about the left shot........but Garrin here, I know, is practicing his karate...that he really doesn't know how to do other than from Spongebob.

Yup - Jewish Geriatric Services....we'd donated some books and magazines before we moved.  Hannah felt it important to capture that one apparently.  Oh and great.  My dusty laptop screen....with our triptik when we moved....

Garrin's hand on the pavement...makes me wonder if that was shot before this one on the right....
Great idea, kids, pissing off Garrin, then take a picture of him while he is crying.....nice.

I guess you are not too young to copy your older siblings and take stupid face pictures.  And I guess a stupid face is all it took for me to even see some resemblence between Hannah and Garrin.

Poor Lucy.  Gotta get that camera way up close, hopefully with out a flash...The dead cat?  Excellent!  I put up the "better" - less graphic photos of the dead-ness......and blood........

Much to my delight,
I was surprised by this last photo.
Actually and awesome photo.
I love it.

And regardless of the subject choice in their photography,
I love THEM.

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Trisha said...

that was really, really funny to look at. through the eyes of kids !!! The one of Garrin's hand on the pavement is really cool . . . and yes, I love your kids too !!!