Monday, March 7

Sometimes I forget

we live in the southwest.  Desert?  Yes.  But we are NOT in Vegas, baby.
Parts of this area can be Western Country, for sure.
The road I drive to the pool a hundred times a day, should have been a sure fire sign.
There is horse ranch after horse ranch after horse ranch - all down this road.
It's pretty cool.

So the birthday party Garrin went to this weekend was at a place called
It was not the playground at the Golden Arches by any means.

Bill gets full photo credit on the following.

There is so much to do at this place.  Not only do they host birthday parties,
but they have a petting zoo, offer trail rides, some at sunset even!!
Garrin refused to get up on the horse for a ride,
but Bill and I are totally going back for one of those trail rides for sure.
The one and only time I rode a horse, I was probably about 8.

by the way - the photoshop technique I used was of all things -
Pioneer Woman's action - called Old West
How appropriate!

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