Saturday, March 26

my first thought was.....

how the hell do you get an F in art?
really.  how hard is ART?

I got Hannah's report card in the mail yesterday and about flipped out.

Now let me see.
The first couple days into this class this last semester,
Hannah immediately hated it.  Didn't like the teacher.  Said she only liked
the creative kids.
So what do I do?  Go out and buy Hannah all the required supplies for the class
the $35 set of colored pencils.  And as I paid for the outrageously priced "special"
colored effing pencils, I wanted to puke.........
But all in the hopes of making my not-super-creative kid (but one hell of a fast swimmer, dammit)
LOOK more creative in the eyes of her teacher, I got the stupid pencils.

Three days later I was signing a permission slip for Hannah to apply for a
T.A. position during art period.................

Which she did NOT get.

But she gave the class her all -
which apparently was nothing hence the

Until I asked her about it.
The report card reads
"many missing assignments".
Which honestly, I ride her like a pony,
about those, on days she is absent.
She says there are no missing assignments.

Thanks goodness Miss Smarty Pants kept all the
papers in her binder.

She'll be taking care of this Monday morning,

before I head down there.

Which is probably

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Trisha said...

I am surprised you are waiting until Monday - - I thought for sure you would have already send a email out on this one !!

BTW - Sam did art for all of . . . 7 days !!! Same deal - non-creative type trying to be creative and teacher slammed him !! Did I tell you he is a library aide now . . .hee hee