Wednesday, March 9

a milestone

yesterday was monumental for me.
i realized that i am at peace with something that
i was struggling with.
i found myself in a place that had brought me a lot of negativity,
but no longer am feeling that way.
a place i felt resentment.
a place i felt uneasiness.
it is gone.
and now this place can be somewhere that will bring me happiness.

i love free therapy, i tell you.
because that is what got me though this.
working on myself.
not someone else working on me.
but me working on me.
and it has paid off big time.

sometimes you need to just take time for YOU.


Carolyn said...

Love your post. You should consider sharing how you worked on it!

Trisha said...

YOU is the most important thing, ain't it !! And so very happy your life has had such a positive turn of events !! So very, very, very happy !!!!