Wednesday, March 30

it's a small world

and no, I am not referring to the Disney ride,
which I love, by the way.
the ride
Land or World. 
Doesn't matter which.

But that isn't what this post is about.
(and I do apologize, if at the mere mention of that attraction,
you are now humming that tune and will not be able to stop...)

It's a small SWIM world.
When Hannah headed off to Sectionals in Florida,
she was reunited with her old swim team, the Aquabears.
She also saw some kids she swam with in that particular LSC
(CT Swimming).  Pretty cool, and just goes to show you the world gets
a little smaller when you travel across the country to swim in meets
and actually KNOW other kids!

Well, today Connor and Bill are headed to Far Westerns in California,
where Connor will see some of his old team mates from BCH in Nevada.
I guess in this world of swimming you just never know where you will meet up someday!

Here are my handsome guys, heading out.
I'll try to  miss them!!!
And like I wrote on Connors Facebook -
He better swim fast or he is grounded.

Just kidding of course.

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Trisha said...

OMG - - Bill is sossooooo tan. . . AZ is loving the Herbst family, or is it the other way around !!!