Friday, March 4

I'm gonna go out on a limb here,

dearest Garrin, and tell you how last night's soccer practice REALLY went,
according to how I think your father thought.

At first I kept telling Daddy the following:
"This is not your team."
"Take it easy..."
"Zip it."
"Sit down."

I wanted to be able to just sit back, and take pictures of you and your new team.  I remember
taking pictures of Connor around sunset and wanted to do the same for you.  I loved those shots!
Back to your practice though.
The first thing here, Daddy would have said, if this were his team -
"This is not ballet class, Garrin.  Soccer cleats and being on your tip toes, doesn't work."

"Put those darn arms down.  You are not, I repeat, NOT supposed to look like you are an airplane
flying down the soccer field."

"I mean it Buddy.  Put your stinkin' arms down....."

So what would he be thinking here?
"ALWAYS get up close and personal with the girls.  ALWAYS.  They are cute."

OK, so now.....
"Let this be THE ONLY TIME you touch the ball with your hands.  This drives me crazy!!"
Daddy has a tendency to think you all are 9 or 10, and forgets you are 5.

So here is what Daddy DID like seeing.
Getting all puffed up.
Stand up tall and look like a man.  Even though, like I said earlier, you are 5.
Look like a tough guy.
Look like you've been playing soccer ever since they ripped you from my womb.....

Careful with the arms here, but do get all wound up before you take a shot on goal.
Put all you've got into it.
Use those (5 year old) muscles.
Does he have muscle yet? - is my question.......

And DO do this often.
Please, Garrin.
Because if you do....

Daddy might sit down and shut up for the entire game on Saturday.

Good luck with your first game.
Your Calm Mother

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Coach Dad said...

Thanks for making me laugh out loud... He will do great, and if you would like.. I can ask Connor if he would like to comment on the calm mother part... lets see who is calmer on Saturday.