Tuesday, March 15

I am not just CUTTING the apron strings...

I am pretty much shearing them right off and throwing them away.
or so I feel.

I'd put off blogging about this "special event" for some time now,
figuring as the day approached my feelings would completely do a 180.

180 isn't quite the mark I've hit, not even close.

Hannah is heading off to Fort Lauderdale, Florida tomorrow,
returning Monday.  She is heading there with about 10 kids from her
swim team, and a couple of coaches to swim in the Florida Sectionals meet.
Did I say she is going WITHOUT us?

Her coach said this meet was a terrific meet for the kids to swim.
The sectional qualifying times are a little more "relaxed" than typical Seattle sectional
qualifying times.  So he is able to take more kids.  He likes giving them any opportunity
to swim some of these bigger, more competitive meets.  Give them the experience.
Second good reason? - it's in Florida.......on the beach.
And third? - it's on the beach.
Did I mention it was on the beach?

Hannah is doubly excited (is that proper grammar?) because the Aquabears
are also going to this meet.  So she gets to see her old coach - not old in the sense of age
because then I'd be pretty much calling myself old........AND some of her friends from that
team.  I've not seen her this happy or this excited about something.

So she has worked extremely hard for this.  Any questions or hesitation I had about
this team and this coach.....let's just say.  I have nothing to be worried about.
She is in good hands for years to come.  Her progress so far has been outstanding.
Thus getting her to this meet.

So the decision to send your kid off on their first huge meet alone,
basically becomes a financial one.  We sent her off once before to swim Eastern Zones,
but knew upon doing so that that meet was more for fun.  Her coach did not attend,
and there was no pressure to perform.  We chalk it up to $800 worth of making some
great, long-lasting friend connections.  This meet will well exceed that amount, especially
when we were considering either having Bill or me go with her - that figure doubled.

We had a long talk with Hannah and discussed all the facts.  She understands that now that
she is in a position to qualify for these big travel meets, she will have to plan to travel alone
with the team.  This will ensure her the ability to go to many.  Bill and I will sacrifice whatever
we have to, to make this happen for her whenever the opportunity presents itself.
And she is good with this.  Thank God.

Ryan Lochte is supposed to be swimming at this meet.  And who knows what other
Olympic swimmers may be there.  The only thing I asked of Hannah is to make sure
she at least get a picture or two of her with one of them.

I've gone from being completely 100 percent excited for her, to a little nervous and scared,
though I won't tell her that.  She will be expected to perform at this meet.  She has trained for this.
She's going to be great.  I have a feeling.  But I still have a lump in my throat....
This is a huge step for Hannah.
And for us.

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Carolyn said...

I'm feelin'ya. I send my baby to China for 10 days in June. I think I might die.