Monday, March 14

here already?

So it is March 14th.  It's already been 85 or a tad higher in temperature the last 5 days or so,
and it's shaping up to look like spring is here.  Now granted, those would be summer temperatures,
some places......and seeing as this is my first spring in Arizona -(word is way hotter here than Vegas),
not sure what the average is supposed to be.  But coming off of a VERY full weekend at a swim meet,
and straight on into Spring Break, the boys decided today would be a good day to go in our pool.
(because Connor didn't get enough POOL all weekend.............)

It.was.cold......I assume.   
yet again, another reason why I think my kids are nuts.
oh, I guess this is why I don't go nuts....

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Trisha said...

Love Connor's face looking at Garrin. . .PRICELESS !!!