Wednesday, March 2

Dr. Seuss and Pajamas

I really tried to find a combo of both - Dr. Seuss Pajamas.
But I started my search too late so I will be ordering some today for Garrin for next year!
Good thinking on my this point in time.

I shiver a little at the thought of pajama day.
Always reminds me of THIS.

I was more on top of the situation this time.
Different kid.....but not so different at times....which is scary.
We had the conversation last night on wearing underwear today.  Under
the pajamas.  It was a hard sell......

But today before heading out I checked and everything was a go.
He was a bit nervous getting to school, thinking he would be the only
one wearing pajamas.  But that was not the case.

How cute is that little girls face when she saw Garrin's Dr. Seuss hat?

Garrin was completely unfazed.
He got right down to business getting his work done.

love that kid!

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Sharon Carnaby said...

SO sweet!! He's getting SO BIG!!