Thursday, February 10

A tutorial

I felt inclined to write this tutorial this morning.  With not only my own family
in mind but possibly many other families.  Millions of others maybe.

So on to the tutorial.

Step one:  Walk into your  master bathroom.  Or any of the others in your house for that matter.

Step two:  Verify that all things are in order.  Like you like them.

 Step three:  Document in writing, since words don't do the trick, how to change the toilet paper.

Step four:  Shake your head in disbelief because this could NOT be any easier.
No little spring loaded thing-a-ma-jigger to hold the toilet paper....It's a handle, that you LIFT UP.

Step five:  Laugh at yourself because you have resorted to actually taking pictures in your bathroom.

Step six:  Sigh with disbelief because the actual writing of this blog post took 5 minutes
compared to the 37 seconds it took to perform the task.

Step seven:  Love your family, just the same.

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Kent Ivey said...

Robin would say: Holy **** Batman