Sunday, February 6

Sure fire signs...

that we won't be repeat customers at a restaurant.

1.  Making reservations for five.  Getting there to be pointed to a reserved table set for four.
The person seating us went off to find someone who could then deal with our blank
expressions.  The next person coming back and saying "well how big are the kids?"
Are you fucking kidding me?
Blank expressions still on our faces, he then said "We set the bigger table aside
IN CASE "the big crowd" came in from the PGA tour.  The place was half-empty......

2.  Sitting and waiting.
For water.
For a flipping menu.
For silverware/chopsticks.

3.  Asking the waitress and I use that noun VERY LOOSELY,
about a couple of the specials, and she actually says "Hold on.  I'll bring you the
cheat sheet."  And then proceeded to bring a little handwritten card
with a very poor explanation of the rolls in question.
"wrapped in white fish."  White fish?  Really.  What kind of
friggen white fish?

4.  Upon ordering some rolls and our meals she said -
looking at us like we had antlers growing out of our heads -
"YOU'VE never BEEN here before?"
Like, how dare we?  We didn't know about the Friday,
Saturday and Sunday special of "buy on get one" rolls special.
To be perfectly honest.  I would have rather paid full price at a
different restaurant......any day.

5.  Watching the rolls being an American.

6.  Then waiting.
And waiting.
For the bill.
Because NO ONE in the whole gosh darned restaurant
 noticed us all just sitting there.  Doing nothing.  Not eating, to be exact.
Hannah and Connor glued
to their iPhones playing games.  Bill and I surfing the web on ours......
Garrin sticking chopsticks up his nose.....ok I exaggerate.  He wasn't
doing that, but you get the point.

7.  Walking out the door, and passing by the guy who tried to
seat us when we first got there....well, he was giving us a half-smile with a
puzzled look on his face.  I knew he was still trying to wrap his
brain around WHY we didn't want the table he originally pointed out for us.
You know, an hour later...........

buh bye, Satori Sushi.
Should have read the bad reviews BEFORE heading out last night.
Sushi?  barely
Sake?  who cares
SIMPLE?  ahhh, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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