Monday, February 7


It took three shots with the camera on self-timer,
to really capture the essence of our friendship with
Leslie, Dean and Olivia and the kind of day we were having
yesterday, celebrating the Super Bowl together.

oh Connor.......

hey...this one isn't too bad..... THIS is more like it.....

And just think.  We are all heading up to Sedona in a few weeks
to spend the weekend together.
I'm not sure if we are going to have fun.......
AND there was NO alcohol involved!

Since my Colts were not playing the game yesterday,
it really was all about the food.
All I've got to say is -
we work well together!

(The Photoshop action I used is called Butterscotch Vintage from The Coffee Shop Blog.  The coloring matches the feel of my house....pretty cool.)


Carolyn said...

What happened to little Hannah? Holy cow-gorgeousness. And looks like Mama!

Emily said...

Can I just say Hannah is beautiful! Connor and Garrin are pretty stinkin' handsome too. We went to Sedona for spring break last year and had a great time. Are you going to the Grand Canyon? It's a little out of the way.......I'll check on the name of this really neat State Park up there too.

Trisha said...

I vote the one with Garrin's tongue sticking out . . . classic Garrin !!!

You and the family look FAB !!! So glad to see truely happy Herbsts !!