Thursday, February 17

no complaints here

no sirree.  That would be yesterday's post.  What?  No post was published yesterday?  oh right
I deleted it.  I was whining yesterday.  About how my fricken knee has really made life
suck for me recently.  But I wrote it, read it, and got over it.  No need to share
feeling sorry for myself.

So on to today.
I was fortunate,
ecstatic (are you seeing the shift in attitude here....?)
about walking Garrin to school today.
He was excited himself, because he wanted to ride his bike this morning.
He'd been asking, but there hasn't been enough time these last few mornings.
After all, biking UP THE HILL would probably take a while for such a little guy.

So we headed out.
I know I'd thought back when we lived in Massachusetts,
and he'd ride his bike, that he was growing and he needed a new one.
Well that hasn't happened yet....oh well.
We also need to work on getting those training wheels off.
It's time.
This is a pretty steep hill.  I say this as I trail behind....getting further and further away....

as I turn around,
brings Connor closer and closer to me.
Yeah...he left home about 5 minutes after we did.
Hi Connor.

Bye Connor.

buh bye....

We make it up the hill finally
and have to wait for the gate to open to the playground and the bike rack.
Connor pretends he has no idea who we are.

So we head into the classroom
where everyone apparently knows Mr. Mom...I mean Bill.
I haven't been around for the other pre-K parents to know
anything other that Bill is a single parent.  It cuts, people.  It cuts me deep.
All the little waves and winks, from the Moms and Dads......
Just kidding....

Anyway.  Garrin settles in and gets straight to work.
They have worksheets they start off with as the rest of the class rolls in.

God he is so much like Connor in the sense that he is completely pleased with himself.

Great way to start the day.

Now - to ice that knee of mine.
Happy Thursday!

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