Wednesday, February 23

ever hear of chlorine poisoning?

The kids spent the entire long weekend swimming preliminaries and finals at a meet,
meaning they swam in the morning, had to qualify to come back are re-swim those same
events starting late afternoon.  They qualified in all events which made for an excruciatingly
long day - each day - 12 hours.

So yesterday morning I called them in "late" to school.  I wanted to let them sleep in.
That completely because I am admittedly a pushover became "not going to school at all".

They were silly ALL DAY.
It didn't even seem like my kids.  Hence my questioning the chlorine levels at the pool
wait a minute.........they swim outdoors.........nevermind

They took advantage of a much needed mental health day!

It didn't stop OUTside of Walmart.

The fun ends this morning.
It's back to school for these two clowns.

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Alessandra @Tribal Times said...

Great pictures! We do the "mental health day" too. I think it's good for all!