Tuesday, February 22

Because we were bored

off subject - that is a brand of t-shirt I am crazy about for the boys -
Because We Were Bored.  Discovered them at Nordstrom.  Pricey there,
but when I've been patient I've found them at Nordstrom Rack for a ridiculously
cheap price - $7.99 for a T.  I admit to not always being patient though....
They are cool and trendy with a slim fit.  Perfect for them.


Spent the last few days home with Garrin while the kids swam their asses off.  Literally as well as
figuratively.  One would think I too, would start swimming....hello??  Back on point.
Yesterday Garrin and I spent the entire day playing with his Geo-Trax.  We built the biggest
track ever.  And Garrin was in heaven.......

Back to school today.  Back to the same ol' same ol'.  Get this day rolling.
Time to chug down a cup of coffee....get it?

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