Friday, February 25

admit it......

you have a teenage daughter that comes home on, say a Thursday....
and says "I need to dress in all black and red for school tomorrow.".
and of course, because that is just your luck,
she can realistically outfit the entire 8th grade class at her middle school on any given day,
yet has absolutely NOTHING in her closet that is black and/or red.

and you've stopped for a split second and thought to yourself,
that you personally, do not see anything wrong with your teenager borrowing
something out of your own closet, and going to school looking like she has her
overweight mother's clothes on.  then you realize that that teenager would probably
rather eat liver and onions three meals a day for a week, than walk out of the house
and into the waiting, judging hands of her fellow teenage friends.
so you give in and take her shopping specifically for black and red items
which may or very rarely may not include matching shoes.

and as you are shopping, you are totally ravaging the racks to find something that
that teenager is going to wear again and again, because you suddenly question
why up to this point in time, the teen does not have these colors already in their
very expansive wardrobe of ridiculously cute items.  you are staring in disbelief at
the off beat items that teenager is walking around the store carrying.  you argue with
yourself AND your teen when the only footwear that exists in that fashion-minded
brain of hers is a pair of fuzzy boots, that by next week, will be so hot to wear
because we live in the desert and spring is right here, right now.

and you come up with something like this.
admit it.  you've been there....done that.


Trisha said...

Are me eyes playing tricks on me, or is her hair RED and BLACK too !!!

Carolyn said...

Yes, I have, and I dare say I will again!

Sexy AtThirtyfive said...

I have not.
But you know I will. :)