Friday, January 14


had trouble waking up for school today..

And boy, oh boy.  Is he in for a shocker in a couple weeks.
The pre-school he is enrolled in right now is a 4 day a week, 1/2 day program.
We carried his IEP over from Massachusetts and got him into the Speech Program
here.  Trouble is - he is right there.  Right there in the sense that he doesn't
really need the services anymore.  But anyone on a current IEP knows -
you don't close that thing out unless you are 100 percent positive
you won't need it anymore.

So we have a meeting next week with the school to determine
if he will continue to qualify.  A gut feeling is telling me no.  So I
did a little homework and found out that Connor's school,
which will be Garrin's school for Kindergarten in August....,
has a preschool program there.

Now while Garrin's talents are surely not to be missed -
He has conquered the Master of The Element of Water,
AND the Master of The Element of Fire on Club Penguin...
he is still not reading very much.  This preschool is formatted more
toward Kindergarten readiness than the speech program.

And truly, I do not feel like I want my kid taking up a space
in a special ed program that could go to another one that would
REALLY need it.

So here is the kicker.  I was so excited about
Right up the street.
Right next to Connor's classroom.
There is no question that he is ready.

Oh, and he won't have to get up so early.
That's probably a good thing!


Liz said...

All Day Preschool??
I have to tell you - I have my reservations about that. All-Day K is a new thing - how early do we have to put these kids into college?!
It just seems so early for so much.

Sharon Carnaby said...

OMG!!! I would LOVE to have a little convo with that sweet little guy!!!
E X I T!!!!!
W O O H O O ! ! ! Can ya tell I'm excited! Hugs to you BIG BOY!!

Kim said...

Love how that boy looks when he wakes up. <3

I know you have mixed feelings about the IEP, but you have to just focus on how fabulous he's doing. A shining example of why IEP's get put in place - they really do work!

Good luck with the meeting tomorrow.