Wednesday, January 26

Scottsdale, The gym, and Twitter

Random, right?
Well, here it is.  Actually the first two are relative.

Scottsdale is beautiful.
Not only the landscape but
part and parcel because of the amount of physically beautiful people here.
It is actually one of the first observations Bill and I made within the first week of being here.

While I think that there may be a chosen few who only feel the most important belief is-
"beauty lies within"
I believe that as well, but additionally I also feel the beauty on the outside
is a very recognizable part of our being.
It's right there.  Smack dab in our face.  Right there for everyone to see.
Out there to judge sometimes.  For me it's not judging but observing.

And what I am observing is there are a lot of really healthy people that live here.
Maybe it's the weather.  The mountains.  I don't know.
But on a daily basis, I am hard pressed to find someone who is not "fit" looking.
Even the elderly people here are fit.
There are people walking or running or biking or hiking EVERY.WHERE!

So two things.  It motivates me.  To want to be healthy.  God knows I am not in
that category right now.  I've really let myself down and let myself go.
But that "smack dab in your face" thing - really helps.

Which brings me to the gym and my second thought. 
I hate the gym deep down - on my way there in the car.
Actually even before "on my way there".  I don't get warm and fuzzy inside,
just thinking about the awesome workout I am going to get on any given trip to the gym.
I don't dream about running or jogging or physically exerting myself in any fashion,
as a matter of fact.  I am one of those women who is waiting for the little pill
that someone is going to invent that will make me lose weight  (all the weight)
tomorrow.....  Then as I slowly slip back into reality, I know bottom line it's the same old
adage - calories in/calories out.

So while I am not a gym-lover I know I do like it.
After the fact.
Thank goodness.

My gym is great too.  Nothing glamorous.  Just lots of people of all sorts.
Working their asses off to accomplish their own individual goals.
And just because Grandma can totally kick my ass with the incline of the treadmill/
pace/and calories burned - I look forward every day to catching up to the bitch
nice lady. 

I'm thinking right now that I better type faster, so I can get my butt up off the couch,
and all the calories burned today are not in vain.....

So on to Twitter.
I have a Twitter.  I tweet or whatever it is that I do.
So here's why I like it.

I don't read many blogs anymore and I have found that Twitter is a really cool way to
stay connected to whatever is tickling my fancy lately.
I just searched on interesting subjects -

whatever it may be.
So I follow and get notifications of cool stuff.
It links me to websites and blogs regarding things I like to read
or buy or try.  I like it.  So far.

And anyways - it takes me a little longer to get into something that is all the rage.
I'm so hip now.......yeah right....

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