Sunday, January 30

Photo Challenge - my first ever!!

I stumbled upon this blog.  I don't even know how I got there but I did.

You ever use that?
Another post for another day....

The subject of the Challenge was
and I'd remembered the photos I took of the building that Bill's office was in.
This was the photo I am selecting and submitting.

Well see what happens.
Go check out the website.
It's pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

That is so rad! I love the feel of this photo! How sweet is that to have vines grow up like that...I'm sure people didn't appreciate walking through that but you captured a sweet image!

Thank you for linking up!

Happy Sunday :)

Liz said...

I liked that picture back then, still do. You do have a gift.

Becki Jacket said...

Totally dig this picture, it's awesome!

TrishA said...

I'm with Liz, I liked it back then. . spot on for the time in your life !!

Kristen Laudick said...

That's really cool!