Saturday, January 29

Paying money to get your way

I paid off Connor.
Ten bucks.
Best ten bucks I handed over.
I've bribed my kids with money before, admittedly.
And I'll probably do it again.......for something.
Kids like money.


Anybody who's been to Scottsdale knows,
there are so many restaurants here,
you could probably eat at a different one every night
for like a year, and not have eaten at the same place twice.
It's awesome and overwhelming all at the same time.
Just like I like things....

So Bill and I had taken the kids out for a "celebration" kind of dinner
after their swim meet a couple weekends ago.
We ended up at this place called Big Daddy's BBQ.
We've driven by it about a hundred times and knew we wanted to stop
sooner or later.
While there and talking with the kids,
 we decided that one night a week,
we are going to go out to eat.
On rotation, we will each get a chance to pick a restaurant.
To try new places.

Sounds fun, doesn't it?
I think so - one less night for me to cook.
So we told Connor he could go first.

What does he pick?


Well the weekend was approaching, and so was our highly
unappealing trip to Connor's choice.

We'd been on our way to or from the pool, I don't remember which,
 when I talked to him about his restaurant pick. 
I told him I'd give him ten dollars right then and there
if we didn't have to eat at Olive Garden.
Like seriously - I'd pull the car over.
And I did.  Whipped out the cash right there on the side of the road.
He took it and grinned and I'm sure mentally had it all spent in a matter of seconds.

And I was smart.  While I was at it and had his full attention,
and Hannah's for that matter,
I threw in a couple ground rules.
No chains.
No McDonalds, No Chipotle, No In & Out, No Cheesecake Factory...

Cheesecake Factory is ok.  No FAST FOOD chains.
'Cause no chains eliminates places like Brio, Maggianos....
you get me..

Well tonight we went to Connor's alternate choice.

(and it might even be a chain.....)
Not too bad.
Worth the price of dinner plus $10 bribe money!

Looking forward to trying more cool places.
Can't wait to see Connor's reaction to some of the places
Bill and I plan on picking.

I don't have to worry about Connor trying to pay US off.
The ten dollars is burning a big hole in his pocket.

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