Friday, January 21

One of my favorite places

Bill and I snuck out last night, after our meeting at the Middle School,
for some Golden Spoon
and ended up at Barnes and Noble.

Haven't been to my little slice of heaven in quite a while,
and while I was thinking it would be a quick trip,
because I had an agenda,
we were there for an hour or so.

So remember me saying how much I love this book?

It's a sweet story with a deep message.  A message the kids may not
get right away, but a message that some adults need to hear.

I found this book last night:

A fantastically funny parody on The Giving Tree.
reading it right there in the store.
And another AWESOME message directed toward adults.
Get it.
Read it.

I do have plenty of books on my bookshelf that I've not read yet,
I really haven't read anything .period.
since we left Massachusetts.
But I bought a new book, to read anyway.
A challenge for me at 734 pages.
But I loved Wally Lamb and am looking forward to getting
my head into this one.  Hope it is as fantastic as I've heard.
As things get more and more organized around here,
I'm looking forward to having a little time to spend reading.

This is what I went for:
The more hiking we do,
with my gargantuan camera hanging off of me...
and the more pictures I take of the area
and it's contents,
it is becoming increasingly hard to identify
pictures of birds I take.
"brown bird with spots in Arizona"
"grey bird with long tail and peach breast in Arizona"
(well you can imagine what peach breast brings up...)
is not always easy.
So this book should help Connor and I.
Connor is totally into this by the way.
You know......sports and birds....

Anyway.  Got a couple of unusual bird shots that I will get up on here someday.

And as far as reading goes.
All my worries of my kids never wanting to or enjoying reading?
Gone.  Hannah and Connor have really surprised me!

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