Wednesday, January 19

Now THAT was awkward

The choices we make as parents are sometimes difficult.
It was no surprise to us that Garrin has progressed with leaps and bounds with his speech.
And a quick little comment passed by his pre-K teacher,
got us seriously thinking about Garrin continuing in a special ed program
within the school district.  She told me that the speech teacher was having
difficulty finding areas to work on with Garrin...he is pretty much
age appropriate, I know.

So as I said in an earlier post, I got all my ducks in a row, enrolling
Garrin at our home school into their Preschool program for the beginning of February.
I was preparing for the news at today's IEP that Garrin would be exited..
bye bye.

Bill and I sat down with the teacher and the speech therapist.
As I signed off on Garrin's old IEP,
the teacher started to say that she was now going to explain how his
new IEP was going to be written.

A new IEP?
This, after the therapist was telling us that Garrin was "right there".
We were shocked that this was headed in the opposite direction
that we had thought.

So that's when I interjected and explained our plans.
What and where we saw Garrin heading.
And that is out of Special Ed and into a regular Preschool program.
Lord knows this kid doesn't have any social issues,
and since the speech is really not necessary any more.
The teacher was shocked, disappointed and visibly upset bordering on angry.


As the therapist sided with us, that Garrin would be best suited in a normal classroom,
we explained to the teacher that there was a time when Garrin desperately needed
services and we turned to the "system" to find a place for him.  We do NOT
want to have our child taking up a space where a needy child may need to be.  We were
those parents once.  But we no longer are.

On the way home, Bill and I tried to figure out where the attitude from the teacher
came from.  We certainly hope it wasn't because she was losing an "easy" special
ed kid to care for, with the possibility of getting one that needs more care.
'Cause that would suck.
We left there disappointed that she did not admit honestly that Garrin
shouldn't be there anymore.

So for now, Garrin is on vacation.
He starts his new school on February 3rd!!!
And he is super excited.  His classroom is in the same building as Connors!


Sharon Carnaby said...

Gini, Being a SpEd Teacher myself, it is "the" happiest moment in my career when "we" are able to exit a child from special ed. I haven't been with him for a while, but cannot imagine that he any longer needs services.

She, the SpEd Teacher, may honestly be sad to see him go for many reasons. BUT you NEVER keep a kiddo in SpEd if they DO NOT need the services!

YAY, Congrats to "My Little Guy!" SO happy for all of you!

Kathleen said...

Good for you and Bill for standing up for what you know is right for your child!

Anonymous said...

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