Wednesday, January 12

I'm happy

...when this kid is happy.

Being that he is my sensitive one, and wears his emotions right out there for all to see,
you can just tell he is.  Happy.

Now Garrin I don't worry about because he came out of my womb happy.
Wait, no.  That was me that was happy when he came out...I'd been laboring all day
and wasn't having very much fun.  But Garrin, you could take away his Club
Penguin account on the computer and he'd still be happy.  Bored.  But happy.

And Hannah.  As long as she can continue to add friends to her gi-nor-mous
Facebook friends list, she's happy.

But Connor it just takes more or longer or however I need to classify it.

OK - Hold up.  Let me talk about me now.
(I'm being funny.....)

Connor and I BOTH seem to be on the right track.

We both kind of turned the corner here.  (get it?  turned.the.corner.....?
Connor on his bike.  going.around.the.corner...?)

So much so that I have re-joined the crazy world of Facebook.
I think my head is in a better place and I am looking forward to
re-re-connecting (is that a word?) with my friends and family.
Having fun with it again.

I got myself a Twitter account too.
Gotta stay up with the latest trends right?
or is that an OLD trend by now?
Is Twitter even fun?  Who the hell knows,
but I'm going to try it.

Regardless.  I'm back.
On track.
I'm enjoying things now.
Things I've kinda let go.
I've found my sense of humor again
which is always a good thing.
Back into the swim team,
decorating the house,
fixing things,
finding things,
cooking, cleaning,
caring about people and things I've neglected.
A coming out of hiding, of sorts.
I found 24 Hour Fitness.
Not only did I find it, I joined it.
THAT in itself too, feels good.
Taking care of myself.
Getting healthier physically.
Did it once, ok maybe a hundred times,
but I can do it again.
I am now (or finally, as you may) taking pride in watching
Bill work on making his
company successful.  Something I just
kind of took for granted this past year or so.
But he is off to Colorado,
and I feel so excited for him.
Because I know he needs this too.
This sense of rounding to corner to happiness.

Thanks for following us.


Unknown said...

Twitter sucks. I had/have an account, I noticed you now "follow" me. But since I sort of de-funked my blog, it's pretty useless.
And ya know? I never figured out how to follow anyone else! lol

I'm so glad you're back on FB, tho. I missed you there. :)

Kim said...

Connor's always been that way, ya know? Everything in his own way, in his own time. He's so adaptable - just needs to find his own comfortable spot. Love him. And you.